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About Us

Thanks to his 20 years of experience in finance and insurance, Xavier is a true entrepreneur. He is also aware that the success of a company depends on the people who work there. His infectious enthusiasm & people skills are an ideal match for Panderim.
Companies and consultants have a similar interest in
efficient way to communicate with each other. Panderim wants companies fast and at a low
cost to propose the most suitable profiles. At the same time, Panderim wants to provide consultants discreetly and free of charge
propose the most interesting projects. For Panderim, every project always has two customers who are on an equal footing.

Dennis is a passionate IT Engineer and manager with over 25 years of experience by specializing in the development and management of large-scale and sensitive IT infrastructure projects. As a manager looking for temporary consultants in IT, Dennis proved to be the perfect person to set up a platform together with Tom that can serve as a bridge between searching companies and talents in the IT and legal sector.


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