What is Interim management?

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Originally, an interim manager was a rather managerial position and the emphasis lay on “manager”. Today, interim management covers a wide range of temporary projects: A first category are replacements of temporarily absent colleagues at all conceivable levels, from junior levels to experienced profiles. Another category of temporary projects consists of dealing with temporary peaks that are not caused by the temporary unavailability of personnel, such as a takeover, introducing a new product to the market, renewing infrastructure, preparing an organisation for new legislation, etc.

Depending on the nature of the assignment, the approach of a project is drastically different. Concerning a replacement you will have to show an increased sensitivity in order not to radically change existing practices. If, on the other hand, your task is to implement a new project, change management will be one of your main tasks. If there is a new activity, such as bringing a yet non-existing product or service to the market, your skills will be examined for the ability to think in a broad framework or to create a new framework for thinking.

In every project it is important to communicate well and openly in order establish know the right expectations as quickly as possible and to be able to adjust this in time if obstacles arise. As an interim manager you have the advantage that to a certain extent you are not part of the hierarchical structure of your department and you can adopt a more independent attitude. This is even more amplified by the novelty effect that allows you, for at least a few months, to enjoy the promising but not yet fulfilled expectations that hang over your head like a blinding aureole.

Of course, this does not alter the fact that there is a certain pressure to perform, which means that you have to achieve quick results, because a temporary project is by definition finite. This is also the other side of project work, your time to achieve something is always limited. Is your project finished? Don’t worry, we will be happy to help you with your next project. Wondering if interim management is something for you? Read more in this post.