Where do you envision yourself in 5 years ?

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Where do you envision yourself in 5 years ?

During a job interview you are asked where you envision yourself in five years. Should you indicate that you are loyal and you still see yourself doing the same job or should you rather indicate that you are very ambitious and you already see yourself in a more senior position than the job you are applying for today?

Since you only barely know the company you are applying for, the ideal answer depends on information you probably don’t (yet) have.

One way to anticipate this question is by thinking about where the position you are applying for could realistically bring you, and by considering how it matches with your broader professional goals.

You could say, for example: “Well, I am very enthusiastic about this position because in five years’ time I would like to be seen as someone with great expertise in the construction sector, a sector in which I would like to continue working. I am also looking forward to taking on more managerial responsibilities in the coming years and taking the lead in the execution of projects….”.

So what does the interviewer wants to learn about you by asking such a question? For example, whether you have realistic expectations of your career, whether you are ambitious, or whether the specific position you are applying for matches your goals in general and, of course, how you handle yourself in difficult situations….