Is interim management something for me?

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Is interimmanagement something for me?

It depends. Temporary project work presents itself in various forms. Sometimes it is a spontaneous solution and sometimes it is a well-considered choice and often in that order. As a lawyer or IT specialist, you will work in different capacities in the course of your career. As a recent graduate, you usually still have a learning curve to complete for which you pay tuition fees and receive a starting salary.

In the first few years, you will go through an internship or some similar training that will make you gain experience and will give you access to certain titles or certificates and which will gradually increase your salary. When the percentage in increase of the learning curve and the wage evolution associated with it decreases over time, the boredom and the temptation to look for new professional horizons can skyrocket very quickly.
You can transfer to another company or office and you can switch sectors to gain new experiences. However, another option that presents itself is to change status. You can work as an employee for a company or as a self-employed person who traditionally builds up his own clientele, but you can also choose to work as a self-employed consultant who carries out temporary projects.

As a consultant you have to show a certain flexibility to be able to work in different organisations and you have to step out of the ivory tower, as it were, but on the other hand you are very closely involved in the business and you deal directly with your new colleagues so that you can acquire a very in-depth knowledge. A temporary project can also perfectly be a transitional phase that allows you to get acquainted with a new sector or a new company. However, we often notice that a first temporary project gives you the desire for a successor and that is why we have set up Panderim.